My Story

I have hunted all my life and good quality knives have not always been readily available. After searching for an exceptional hunting knife in every retail store in my area that handled sporting knives, I finally gave up and decided to try and make my own.

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My Knives

My inventory of knives available for purchase is constantly changing. To demonstrate the high quality craftsmanship of my knives I have assembled a Gallery showcasing some of my custom crafted knives.

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While it is not practical to show all 80 Models that I have made in the past I have listed the most popular. Click here to see the available models that I generally have in stock. Many variations of these most popular models are available, the handle materials are endless. I have a large supply of stabilized woods as well as Iron wood on hand and a supply of canvas, linen and paper Micarta. I occasionally use a customer’s aged sheep horn or stabilized giraffe bone. I prefer not to use deer, elk or moose antler because unless it has been stabilized it generally warps as it dries and ends up causing me a problem.

My preferred choice of steel is any of the High Carbon Stainless which through field testing has proven to hold a very keen edge, suitable for the most avid big game sportsman.

If you see a Model you like please contact me and I will e-mail you pictures of the knives of that Model that I have on hand. If you don’t see what you like and would like to have a custom knife built please contact me regarding the possibilities.

Pricing varies depending on the steel and handle material used as well as whether the blade is hollow ground or flat ground, mirror polished or hand rubbed. File work also has an effect on the price. I specialize in hollow ground blades which are the only ones that I carry in stock, flat ground blades are a special order. All prices are plus shipping Xpress Post and Insurance. Please contact me regarding the pricing of Models in stock.

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