Hunting Knives

All of the variables that come together in the finale product make it hard to put a price on a specific model. As a guide line the price on a flat ground blade starts out at $350.00 and a hollow ground blade starts at $450.00. The variables are; the type of steel used, blade finish, tapered tang, file work, bolster material, dovetailed bolsters, handle material, handle design and scale liners to mention those that come to mind.

Filleting Knives

I generally only make the one model of filleting knife and it is priced at $275.00. A special custom design can be ordered at which time a price would be quoted.

Kitchen Knives

I do not keep a lot of kitchen knives on hand, as a rule they are designed to meet the customers’ requirements and are priced from $125.00 to $275.00 depending on size.


I have a large supply of Stabilized Big Leaf Maple burl and a fair bit of Desert Iron Wood. Highly figured woods come at a higher price than scales with less figure. Stabilized Giraffe bone makes an outstanding handle but involves importing the scales from South Africa which can be time consuming and sometimes results are unpredictable./p>

My knives are all functional models that I have personally used in the field. The blades generally average between three and four inches although the blade length can be adjusted in a custom knife. My personal preference is a three inch blade.

All knives come with a hand stitched 8 oz. to 9 oz. sheath, either horizontal or vertical carry.

I usually have a number of knives on hand so if you see a model that interests you please contact me by e-mail and I can send you photographs of in stock knives of particular models.